Instagram Strategy Call

  • Do you feel like you spend too much time on Instagram and get no results?
  • Are you afraid of showing up on Instagram Stories?
  • Tired of not reaching the right audience?
  • Don’t like the idea of cold pitching to someone in order to sell?

I know the feeling because I’ve been there before! I was able to overcome my fears, launch a course and get clients using only Instagram.

Today is your lucky day: I can teach you how to become confident in using Instagram to build an engaged audience and attract true fans that will buy from you!

desk with tacs tablet pen and journal

During this call you will:

Gain clarity on how to help others with your business

Create an engagement strategy that helps you grow your business genuinely

Stop freaking out about what to post

Learn how to create a content plan that works for you

Strengthen your relationship with your audience to make them your true fans

Increase your confidence to market yourself and show up

✓ Know how to work smarter, not harder on Instagram

Here is how it works:

✓ You will first make an appointment for a free discovery call.

✓ If we are good fit, you will be able to schedule your strategy call.

✓ After your call, you will get the recorded session and a file with your next steps

✓ You have my support for 2 weeks through Voxer 

Let’s make this happen!

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